Teletherapy is similar to doing therapy in person. We both need a private place to participate in the session. Many clients are doing the session from home; some are using their office at work; and others are in their cars on the phone for our session. Any place that's private will work!

Chrome is the recommended browser for this platform. The platform is completely HIPPA-Compliant and highly encrypted to give you the most comfort in engaging in this type of therapy. My clients that don't want to meet in person tell me getting connected is easy and they like working together in this way.
Q & A:
Q: Does teletherapy change the way I make an appointment?
A: No, not at all! Just go to the Make An Appointment button and follow the directions to make your appointment with the online calendar.
Q: How do we connect?
A:  You will receive a text reminder and an email with the link for my online waiting room. Just click on the link and you'll be asked to share your camera and microphone so we can see and talk to each other. That's it! The session starts just that quickly.
Q: What if we cannot connect right away?
A: IF there are any issues connecting, we can text each other to figure out the problem - but, that's usually not necessary!
Q: Do I need good lighting or any special equipment?
A: Don't worry about lighting or background, etc. There is no need to set up a perfect location. Just someplace private will do. Your iPad, laptop or phone will work. Feel free to ask me any questions prior to or during your session about the process! It's a new way of working for many people:)

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