...co-creating hope, healing and healthier tomorrows

...co-creating hope, healing and
healthier tomorrows



Congratulations on taking the first step toward a brighter future by considering therapy!  I'd like to help you on this journey, and I realize that finding the right therapist is very important.
Check out my "About Me" page as well as the "Services & Fees" page to see if we are a good fit! If you have more questions after looking at the website, please call me.
Don't forget to check out the embedded videos found on some on the pages here! 

Teletherapy or In-Person therapy:

Vail Counseling Services is able to help clients with online and in-person counseling.

CURRENT CLIENTS, please schedule using the online calendar (Go to the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button at the top of this page).

If you choose an online session, I will contact you with additional information. You will receive any other details you need before your first session and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions before scheduling or beginning the online session. If you choose an in-person session, please be aware that my office has moved!


7460 Warren Parkway

Suite 100

Frisco, TX  75034 - less than a mile from my old office!

NEW CLIENTS, you will have the same scheduling experience as the CURRENT CLIENT, with the exception of a longer phone call so we can make sure we are a good fit for each other. There will also be time to ask questions.

Monday - Thurs 
9 AM - 5 PM
See calendar for available times.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals on this path.

With warm regards,

Pennie M. Vail, LPC


Pennie M. Vail, MS, LPC
Pennie M. Vail, MS, LPC
Psychotherapist/EMDR Therapist at Vail Counseling…

Pennie M. Vail, LPC
(214) 924-8195
7460 Warren Parkway Suite 100  Frisco, TX 75034