Frisco Meditation Group




Just Breathe . . .

We usually meet on the 2nd Saturday of the month, but that can vary. If you are reading this page, the group is still active! If the group ever stops this page will be removed.

See the next meeting date below.

If you would like to be added to the group email list, text your contact info to me.

(214) 924-8195 

Meditations are led by Pennie M. Vail, a

Qualified MBSR teacher through the University of California at San Diego.


We are now having a 30-minute online sitting meditation

through ZOOM.

Some of you have asked about making a donation for the monthly meetings. It is not necessary to donate, but if you are so inclined, I've made it possible
below with a PayPal button.

Make a $5 or $10 donation below - if  you'd like!

If you are not on the email list for this group, please text me

your name and email address (214)924-8195 and I

will make sure you get a reminder with the ZOOM link!

If you are on the email list for this group,

you will receive the Zoom link the day before the meditation!

If you want to join us and you haven't used Zoom

before you may want to access the link early to check out the process. 


If you are not currently receiving the monthly email reminders, please TEXT me

with your contact information and I will add you to the list!

TEXT ME: (214) 924-8195



Attendees are people with and without meditation experience.

Some of those attending have taken the 8-Week MBSR Class that I teach, but most

are people wanting to practice slowing down and being present in their lives!

Please join us to experience a practice of living in the moment.


This is a secular, guided meditation group. 

Please call or text Pennie with any questions about this group or to be

added to the email list to

receive reminders for the group meetings (214) 924-8195!

Pennie M. Vail, LPC
(214) 924-8195
7460 Warren Parkway Suite 100  Frisco, TX 75034 hope, healing and
healthier tomorrows